3 comments on “The Babymakers

  1. Good post. Having fled to the Cleve, it seems as though most everyone here my age already has children. Since I don’t already have a 7, 5 and 3 year old, I feel like it must already be too late.

    Russell had a theory that, at least among our friends, we grew up in households where our parents preached the idea that having kids (at a young age) would ruin our lives. They spent a lot of time harping on the negatives of children, presumably to keep us from being those teen parents who threaten to hit their kids on the subway. But now that we are grown ups and have our lives as we want them, it’s hard to forget all the negatives that come with having children.

    Is that just a mid-western experience?

  2. Actually, you make an interesting point. In terms of age, although the biological clock reference is constantly associated with women, I’ve noticed more guys in their 30s who, if they want to have kids, figure the opportunity is quickly passing them by.

    And with regards to attitudes towards having kids, perhaps that outlook can be traced to cultural and regional underpinnings. In spite of requests that The Other AC to post a comment here and defend all this hear-say about him, I relayed your comment to him and he said that, in his case, he’d always been raised with the expectations that in time, he’d have children. And for those of you who don’t know him, The Other AC wasn’t born in the States.

  3. Tell The Other AC to hold that thought. We’ll have a happy hour fueled discussion about babies the next time the gang’s together.

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