5 comments on “The Out of Town Experience (The Finale)

  1. I wish Opheim was easier to get to, I would visit more often..! I lived there in the mid 50’s and never forgot the town. I would love to buy a vacation home there, but I would have to fly to Billings and drive six more hours and that is out of the question for frequent visits..
    Now living in Southern Caiifornia, it’s hard to get back. I finally got to visit in July, 2010 and spent a couple of days.

    • Gary, thanks for your comment. My husband’s family from Opheim are the St. Johns. Maybe you knew them?

  2. Actually, the Outpost was a renovation of a long-closed grocery store purchased from the Granrud’s, that had at one time had a small cafe in the back. The primary reason for its creation, was to create a community-owned cafe that would not close as the locals can tell you The Homestead had done repeatedly. It’s interior and exterior had less to do with “Disney” and more to do with embracing the town’s and region’s heritage. As with any community, big or small, change can be hard for some. Change comes often to Opheim, the loss of so many structures, which is/was the town’s heritage, is most sad.

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