2 comments on “Because Occupy DC Got Evicted (Alternatively Titled: Because I Can’t Go For That, No)

  1. what did you want it to be? they made a stand. they got 15 minutes of fame. the real crux to anything capitalistic is to derail the capitalistic element. money talks- and really-only money talks. i don’t understand how anyone forgot the real power is in boycotting crap. politicians get scared when you start to part them from their dough re me. the rest becomes hopeful drivel.

    • my point was that they had the world by the ear, but didn’t take it further. boycotting may be one way to resolve the issue (although you’re talking about multinational corporations that dominate certain playing fields and limit options), but the point was, there was no effort to really become active on the ground beyond making a bunch of signs and marching in some rallies. there had to be real organizing efforts for whatever the desired action.

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