2 comments on “Because Danish Makes a Good Case

  1. I missed the original incarnation of this discussion but I will save myself the frustration of reading your original post about your hatred of baseball and instead join Danish’s quest to get you to change your mind.

    First, she’s right. About everything. The statistics thing alone should attract you to this sport. Have you ever seen Major League? When Bob Eucher spouts some ridiculous statistic about the Indians winning streak on Tuesdays, at home, when there is a full moon, he’s not really parodying MLB stats. That might actually be a real stat. And everyone knows about hits and home runs but what about ERAs and WAR and OBP? You can look at a box score and know exactly what happened in every inning of every game without ever having to see the action. You should be eating this up.

    What Danish really didn’t touch on was the romantic and nostalgic idea of baseball, and that’s my favorite part. Baseball has been around since the 1800’s and several of the current teams, Yankees included, have very rich histories that play into American culture. I love reading about baseball history, and while I am totally biased towards the Yankees, the Red Sox, Cubs, and Giants all offer a significant glimpse into the history and culture of sports in our country.

    Danish did mention the energy of the crowd in a packed Yankee stadium, which is an amazing feeling, but I also enjoy the slow pace of the games. Baseball often takes flack for being boring but actually, it’s simply more relaxed. Watching a game is nothing like watching hockey or football when the players are simply beating on each other all the time. There is a civility to the sport that does not require guys to frantically check or tackle. The games move at a slow pace, which gives you a chance to go and get one of the $8.25 beers without missing much. And this lull in the action makes the home runs and amazing catches all the more exciting because that might be the only action you get all day. But that’s okay, you get to sit outside, in the summer, with your friends and watch a roster of guys try to do one of the hardest things in sports: hit a round object (that is traveling at 90 miles an hour) with another round object. Maybe why that’s why baseball seems boring to people who don’t know a lot about it; it’s a really hard sport to play.

    If you guys go to a game this summer count me in. Watching baseball with people who love baseball will most likely make it more enjoyable. Besides, there is a lot more I have to say on the subject but I do not want to clog your comments section.

    • I like the discussion this has all incited. Well, looks you got some educating to do! Count me in for summertime ballgame attendance. I shall make it my summer quest to try and see what the fan sees. So long as they are not Kansas City Royal fans. (You’ll have to read the original post from two days ago).

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