2 comments on “Because the Inmates Ran the Asylum

  1. It was such an incredibly great period. A road manager for the Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd, said to me, being in this world was like watching history in action. Videos made stars out of people like Duran Duran and plenty of people who were one hit wonders, and remembered only for their videos. I think now, of the first time I saw Whitney Houston on Saturday Night Videos on NBC, singing Saving All My Love. I recorded so much of that stuff, never dreaming I would be linking it to blogs close to 30 years later. Cool how life goes sometimes.

    • Ha! That’s something like Brian Setzer said in the book. They were guys from New York who were suddenly playing to crowds of thousands in Des Moines after getting play on Mtv. I don’t even think YouTube really has that kind of power. Or at least to do that for more than a handful of people.

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