2 comments on “Because of the Curious Life of Nora Ephron

  1. Here’s a few roundabouts. She worked with Susan Seidelman on Cookie, with your favorite, Peter Faulk. She also worked on Silkwood. I would think you could relate to Julie in Julie and Julia, which was about a young married who wants to breakout of her boring life in an office! She was also the writer and director for a little film called This is My Life, the only right part I ever saw Julie Kavner in after playing Rhoda’s sister. So you know her a little better than you thought.

    • I know the movies, but didn’t really know her like the way people knew her as a writer.

      Also, I forgot all about the Julie Kavner movie. For some reason, I was thinking of the Michael Keaton movie where he has a terminal illness and a baby on the way when I hear “This is My Life.”

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