The Song List

Song list for the 365 Days Set to Music: the Soundtrack of a Life

  1. Ima Robot – “A is for Action”
    (posted in Because Good Music Never Stopped Being Made, Jan 7, 2012)
  2. Tune Yard – “Bizness”
    (posted in Because Good Music Videos Never Stopped Being Made, Jan 8)
  3. The Freshies – “House Beautiful”
    (posted in Because We Have to Make it Look Good, Jan 9)
  4. Raphael Saadiq – “The Big Easy”
    (posted in Because This One Time, I Went to New Orleans, Jan 10)
  5. Trombone Shorty – “Buckatown”
    (posted in Because We Were Just Getting to the Good Part, Jan 11)
  6. Reggie Watts – “Fuck Shit Stack”
    (posted in Because What’s the Cussing Difference?, Jan 12)
  7. Wild Flag – “Romance”
    (posted in Because We Were All Talking About the Portlandia Tour, Jan 13)
  8. Miami Horror – “I Look to You” (feat. Kimbra)
    (posted in Because Baby, Jan 14)
  9. Brazilian Girls – “Good Time”
    (posted in Because This Morning, I Woke Up In Another Country, Jan 16)
  10. The Roots – “Guns Are Drawn”
    (posted in Because Congress Really is the Opposite of Progress, Jan 17)
  11. Ramona & the Swimsuits – “Karen’s Dad”
    (posted in Because I’m Running Low on Officially Christened Gem Sweaters, Jan 18)
  12. Joss Stone and Jeff Beck – “I Put a Spell On You”
    (posted in Because Now It Sounds Sexy, Not Crazy, Jan 19)
  13. Munk – “No Milk” (Mercury Remix feat. Asia Argento)
    (posted in Because, J’Ecoute, Jan 20)
  14. The Puppini Sisters – “Walk Like An Egyptian”
    (posted in Because 1970s and 1980s Dance Songs Don’t Really Need a Rap Track, Mr. DJ, Jan 21)
  15. The Strange Boys – “Be Brave”
    (posted in Because No One Else is Gonna Do It, Jan 22)
  16. Carbon/Silicon – “The News”
    (posted in Because It Is Ironic, I Really Do Think, Jan 23)
  17. Bird and the Bee – “Diamond Dave”
    (posted in Because Cigaretting is a Disgusting Habit, Jan 24)
  18. Robbers on High Street – “Monkberry Moon Delight”
    (posted in Because I Should’s Said So At the Time, Jan 25)
  19. The Go! Team – “Grip Like a Vice”
    (posted in Because She Wowed Us, Jan 26)
  20. Vampire Weekend – “Oxford Comma”
    (posted in Because I Know Some Academics, Jan 27)
  21. Natural Child – “Nobody Wants to Party With Me”
    (posted in Because Natural Child is Playing in Baltimore Next Month! Jan 28)
  22. Rodrigo y Gabriela – “Buster Voodoo”
    (posted in Because You Ain’t Heard Spanish Guitar Till You Hear It Played With a Wah Wah Pedal, Jan 29)
  23. Hercules and Love Affair – “Athene”
    (posted in Because I Miss the Weirdos, Jan 30)
  24. Caveman – “Easy Water”
    (posted in Because It All Happened So Fast, Jan 31)
  25. Black Lips – “Veni Vedi Vici”
    (posted in Because There Went My 20s and Here Come My 30s, Feb 1)
  26. Parov Stelar – “Booty Swing”
    (posted in Because Even Though Punxatawney Phil’s Track Record is Questionable…, Feb 2)
  27. Wolfmother – “Pleased to Meet You”
    (posted in Because Paul McCartney Was a Hipster Before Hipsters Were Hipsters, Feb 3)
  28. The Legendary Shack Shakers – “Night Rider”
    (posted in Because It’s As Close to the Hills As We’re Gonna Get, Feb 4)
  29. Intelligence – “Thank You God for Fixing the Tape Machine”
    (posted in Because, Punk!, Feb 5)
  30. Harrison – “Monday’s Arms”
    (posted in Because I Do Feel and May Even Look Wiser, Feb 6)
  31. Lucy and the Popsonics – “Estetoscópio”
    (posted in Because Maniac Mansion Is One of the Greatest Video Games of All Time, Feb 7)
  32. Ike and Tina Turner – “I Wanna Take You Higher”
    (posted in Because I Would Have Been a Much More Sophisticated 6th Grader as a Devotee of Funk Rather Than New Wave, Feb 8)
  33. Aloe Blacc – “I Need a Dollar”
    (posted in Because Occupy DC Got Evicted (Alternatively Titled: Because I Can’t Go For That, No) Feb 9)
  34. White Denim – “Shake Shake Shake”
    (posted in Because I Couldn’t Remember Anything Merrick Said in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie, Feb 10)
  35. Washed Out – “Hold Out”
    (posted in Because an Unemployed Librarian Made Some Really Good Music, Feb 11)
  36. Whitney Houston – “Saving All My Love for You”
    (posted in Because Whitney Houston Died Yesterday, Feb 12)
  37. Gus – “Tequila”
    (posted in Because I’d Probably Start Them Off With the Basics, Feb 13)
  38. Corrine Bailey Rae – “Is This Love?”
    (posted in Because I’m With Cupid, Feb 14)
  39. FM Belfast – “Par Avion”
    (posted in Because First Class Ain’t So Classy No More, Feb 15)
  40. The White Stripes – “Death Letter”
    (posted in Because, What a Way to Go! Feb 16)
  41. Impossible Shapes – “Florida Silver Springs”
    (posted in Because This Kind of Stuff Happens All the Time in Florida Feb 17)
  42. The Penetrators – “Checkpoint Echo”
    (posted in Because Kitsch is Therapeutic Feb 19)
  43. Thee Headcoats – “You Broke My Very Mind”
    (posted in Because Vanity Fair Got Me Nerding Out Feb 20)
  44. MacUmba – “Damp Carpet
    (posted in Because This Tuesday is Fat Feb 21)
  45. Crystal Castles – “Cry Babies”
    (posted in Because the Portlandia TOUR is the Worst Show Ever Feb 22)
  46. The Strokes – “Hawaii”
    (posted in Because We Be Travelin’ Fools Feb 23)
  47. Heartless Bastards – “The Mountain”
    (posted in Because I Can’t Be With a Man That Hasn’t Been to a Park Full of Fiberglass Dinosaurs Feb 24)
  48. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – “Popcorn”
    (posted in Because It’s Gonna Be Oscar Night, So I HAVE to Write About Movies! Feb 25)
  49. Penetration- “Nostalgia”
    (posted in Because Some People Prefer Copy Machines and Non-Toxic Glue Sticks Feb 26)
  50. Mitch Murder – “None”
    (posted in Because It’s the Day After the Oscars, So I HAVE to Talk About Movies Feb 27)
  51. Hacienda – “Little Girl”
    (posted in Because We Spent the Night With Heartless Bastards, Feb 29)
  52. De La Soul – “Me, Myself, and I”
    (posted in Because Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Taught Me That Slash is Half Black, Feb 29)
  53. Tom Waits – “Little Drop of Poison”
    (posted in Because There are Two Types of People in the World: Cat Lovers and Everyone Else, March 1)
  54. The Cars – “Let the Good Times Roll”
    (posted in Because White Kids Are Really Into the 80′s, March 3)
  55. The Glands – “Living Was Easy”
    (posted in Because What Do You Do With All These Hand-Me-Downs?, March 4)
  56. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Home”
    (posted in Because Once Upon a Time I Promised to Post Our Wedding Playlist, March 5)
  57. Crystal Fighters – “I Love London”
    (posted in Because You Can Still Find Luxury in a Snuff Box, March 6)
  58. Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks”
    (posted in Because Times, They Are a Changing, March 7)
  59. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – “Biomusicology”
    (posted in Because I’m Smiling, but I’m Still Frowning, March 8)
  60. The Waitresses – “The Comb”
    (posted in Because We’ve Missed Compton’s Pretty Face, March 9)
  61. The Visitors – Hell Yes
    (posted in Because Even Cafteria-Style Polish Food Can Be Fine Dining, March 10)
  62. Pickwick – “The Round”
    (posted in Because I’m Jus’ Talkin’ ‘Bout Pickwick, March 11)
  63. Paul Haig – “Something Good”
    (posted in Because These Are the Lessons from the West Side, March 12)
  64. Michael Sembello – “Rock Until You Drop”
    (posted in Because of Three Words: Scary… German… Guy, March 13)
  65. Best Fwends – “Zwzzt”
    (posted in Because the Book is Not a Lie, March 14)
  66. Levy – “Rotten Love”
    (posted in Because I Read This Thing in the New Yorker, March 15)
  67. Sparks – I Wish I Looked a Little Better
    (posted in Because It’s a Scientific Fact, March 16)
  68. Toxic Narcotic – “Beer in the Shower”
    (posted in Because It’s St. Patty’s Day!, March 17)
  69. Girls At Our Best – “Going Nowhere Fast”
    (posted in Because All Work and No Play Makes It Really Hard to Finish My Post on the Leslie Hall Show, March 18)
  70. Leslie & the LY’s – “Craft Tallk”
    (posted in Because I’ve Been to the West, My Friend (or, Why Leslie Hall and the Kids From Ames Are Musical Geniuses), posted March 2o)
  71. Pennyhawk “Timid Women”
    (posted in Because I Just Can’t Get Enough (More Thoughts on the Leslie Hall Show), March 21)
  72. Air – “Cherry Blossom Girl”
    (posted in Because It’s Cherry Blossom Time!, March 22)
  73. Poliça – ”Wandering Star”
    (posted in Because We Wish We Were There, March 23)
  74. The Royal Bangs – “My Car is Haunted”
    (posted in Because the Kids Aren’t Alright, According to Market Trends, March 24)
  75. New Young Pony Club – “The Get Go”
    (posted in Because I’ve Lost Track of Time, March 25)
  76. The Bell Peppers – “Bell Pepper Hop”
    (posted in Because There’s Nothing Finer Than Eating In Your Open Air Market, March 26)
  77. Spoon – “I Turn My Camera On”
    (posted in Because In a Godda Photo of Das Butterfly, March 27)
  78. Living Legends – “Artsy”
    (posted in Because I Hate Contemporary Art, March 28)
  79. Broncho – “Insert Coin”
    (posted in Because of the Art by the Roadside, March 29)
  80. The Soft Boys – “Mr. Kennedy”
    (posted in Because Life Could Be a Dream, Sweetheart, March 31)
  81. Yonderboi – “Riders on the Storm”
    (posted in Because of Larry Stevenson, April 1)
  82. Yellow Magic Orchestra – “Technolopolis”
    (posted in Because It’s the 21st Century, April 2)
  83. Modern Lovers – “Pablo Picasso”
    (posted in Because Lucien Frued is a Popular Dude, April 3)
  84. The Cramps – “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”
    (posted in Because TV is Dead to Me, April 4)
  85. Ellen & the Escapades- “Run”
    (posted in Because the Ghosts, They Wander, April 5)
  86. The Kinks – “Picture Book”
    (posted in Because Prom is Coming Up, April 6)
  87. Bikini Kill – “Suck My Left One”
    (posted in Because You Suck, American Apparel, April 7)
  88. Boy & Bear – “Rabbit Song
    (posted in Because It’s Still Easter, April 8)
  89. Pauline Pantsdown – “I Don’t Like It”
    (posted in Because Netflix Taught Me About Audio Vérité, April 9)
  90. The Macabees – “Toothpaste Kisses”
    (posted in Because Mouth to Mouth Can Be So Lovely, April 10)
  91. Music Family – “Losing My Religion”
    (posted in Because Even the School of Rock Sometimes Needs to Hold Bake Sales, April 11)
  92. Getsu Fuma Den – “Overworld Theme”
    (posted in Because the Art of Video Games Left a Whole Lot Off the Canvas, April 12)
  93. Devo – “Whip It”
    (posted in Because I Got This Giant Book in the Mail, April 13)
  94. Endgames – “We Feel Good (Future’s Looking Fine)”
    (posted in Because I Am on a Quest… for Bouncy Castles, April 14)
  95. Madonna “Get Into the Groove”
    (posted in Because It’s Funny How Money Changed the Situation, April 15)
  96. Koop – “Koop Island Blues”
    (posted in Because We Might Be Doing This All Wrong, Too, April 16)
  97. Quantic – “We Got Soul”
    (posted in Because Baseball is Much Better on Nintendo, April 17)
  98. The Drums – “We Tried”
    (posted in Because You Should Dry Those Crying Eyes!, April 18)
  99. The Black & White Years – “Power to Change”
    (posted in Because Danish Makes a Good Case, April 19)
  100. Loverboy – “Turn Me Loose”
    (posted in Because the Inmates Ran the Asylum, April 20)
  101. The Torches – “Wish You Well”
    (posted in Because, It’s Record Store Day, April 21)
  102. The Presets – “Girl and the Sea” (Cut Copy remix)
    (posted in Because Mermaids are Real, April 22)
  103. Machinations – “Pressure Sway”
    (posted in Because of PhD Fever, April 23)
  104. Ray Davies – “No One Listens” 
    (posted in  Because I May Have Made a Huge Mistake, April 24)
  105. Alabama Shakes – “Worryin’ Blues” 
    (posted in Because Baby, Just Shut Up and Shake It, April 25)
  106. Flying Lizards – “Money” 
    (posted in Because Tom Coburn is Ruining My Life, April 26)
  107. Marina and the Diamonds – “Are You Satisfied?” 
    (posted in Because I’m a Satisfied Customer, Now Leave Me Alone, April 27)
  108. The Meemies – “Porch Song” 
    (posted in Because Google Chrome is Your New Boyfriend, April 28)
  109. Rob Zombie – “Dragula” 
    (posted in Because I Got This Idea, See, April 29)
  110. The Tender Thrill – “One and Only One” 
    (posted in Because I Spent the Night With Ted Leo, April 30)
  111. Supergrass – “Alright” 
    (posted in Because We Finally Had a Reason to Go to the Movie Theater Again, May 1)
  112. Porcelain Raft “Tip of Your Tongue” 
    (posted in Because I’d Like to Keep the Acronyms to a Minimum, May 2)
  113. Vandal – “Mad as Hell” 
    (posted in Because I Hate Riding the Metro, May 3)
  114. Josef K – “Sorry for Laughing” 
    (posted in Because Now I See What You Did There, May 4)
  115. Nickodemus – “Mystery of Life” (feat. Andrea Montiero) 
    (posted in Because Another Item Was Added to the Year’s To-Do List, May 5)
  116. Nada Surf – “Happy Kid” 
    (posted in Because Bubbles is Coming to Town!, May 6)
  117. The Cold War Kids – “Skip the Charades” 
    (posted in Because I Came Face to Face With the Holy Grail for a Second Today, May 7)
  118. Oingo Boingo – “Dead Man’s Party” 
    (posted in Because Medical School Can Be Harmful to Your Health, May 8)
  119. Eric Prydz VS Pink Floyd – “Proper Education” 
    (posted in Because a Social Science Degree is Worth It, May 9)
  120. Here We Go Magic – “Collector” 
    (posted in Because It’s My Professional Opinion That the Monkey is a Better Deal, May 10)
  121. The Pursuit of Happiness – “I’m An Adult Now” 
    (posted in Because of the Middle Aged Dude, May 11)
  122. The Black Keys – “Summertime Blues” 
    (posted in Because Something’s Missing, May 12)
  123. Pavlov & Mishkin – Et De Clarinet 
    (posted in Because It’s Mother’s Day, May 13)
  124. The Minders – “Hand Me Downs” 
    (posted in Because Your Boyfriend is a Paper Doll, May 14)
  125. Pavement – “Date With IKEA” 
    (posted in Because Your Furniture Goes Through Phases As You Get Older, May 15)
  126. The Hold Steady – “The Swish” 
    (posted in Because Your Point is Moot, May 16)
  127. Dramarama – “Scenario” 
    (posted in Because Your Will Power is Being Tested, May 17
  128. Grouplove – “Don’t Say Oh Well” 
    (posted in Because There’s These Two Guys I Know, May 18)
  129. Black Flag – “TV Party” 
    (posted in Because of Parks and Recreation, May 19)
  130. Timbuk 3 – “The Future’s So Bright” 
    (posted in Because It’s Been a Long, Strange Journey, May 20)
  131. Gold Panda – “Marriage” 
    (posted in Because We Survived an Apocalypse and the First Year of Marriage, May 21)
  132. Madness – “Our House” 
    (posted in Because I Was Bested by the Backyard, May 22)
  133. Arcade Fire – “Intervention” 
    (posted in Because I Could Use an Intervention, May 22)
  134. Starflyer 59 – “All My Friends Who Play Guitar” 
    (posted in Because the Scientists Started Bands, May 23)
  135. Lazerhawke – “So Far Away” 
    (posted in Because I’ve Been Writing These Love Letters to Vienna, May 24)
  136. X-Ray Spex – ” Germ Free Adolescents” 
    (posted in Because That’s When the Kids Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the GAP, May 25)
  137. Woodhands – “I Wasn’t Made For Fighting” 
    (posted in Because I Wasn’t Made For Fighting, But At Least My Zingers Would Be Good, May 26)
  138. Onra – “Where I’m From” 
    (posted in Because the Calm Before the Storm Looks Awesome, May 27)
  139. Galaxie 500 – “Strange” 
    (posted in Because the World is on Autopilot, May 28)
  140. Fleetwood Mac – “Albatross” 
    (posted in Because I Think I Get it Now, May 29)
  141. The Aquabats – “Nerd Alert” 
    (posted in Because the Nerds and the Artists Got Along, May 30)
  142. Two Door Cinema Club – “Something Good Can Work” (Twelves Remix) 
    (posted in Because the Donger Needs Sleep, May 31)
  143. Those Darlins – “Wild One” 
    (posted in Because Things Could Get Crazy, June 1)
  144. Discodromo – “Build a House” (Tensnake Remix) 
    (posted in Because We’re Selling a Yard With a House on It, June 2)
  145. The Golden Filter – “Favourite Things” 
    (posted in Because It Made Me Laugh, June 3)
  146. The Eliminators – “Dawn Patrol” (posted in Because That’s the Life, June 4)
  147. Pineapple – “Words of a Girl” 
    (posted in Because These Could Be Ironic Words in Time, June 5)
  148. Imperial Teen – “Hanging About” 
    (posted in Because I Fells for the Point (and Now You May Laugh), June 7)
  149. The Cherry Valence – “Sweat, Sweat, Sweat (All Over You)” 
    (posted in Because We Were Promised Hot Tubs, June 8)
  150. The Gories – “I Think I’ve Had It” 
    (posted in Becauzzzzz…., June 11)
  151. The Connells – “Fun & Games” 
    (posted in Because It’s Easy to Tear a Stress Brick, June 12)
  152. Dan Sartain – “Replacement Man” 
    (posted in Because the Embargo Has Been Lifted, June 13)
  153. Elite Gymnastics – “We Don’t Dream Anymore” 
    (posted in Because Wes Anderson’s Art is the Prettiest Art of All the Art, June 14)
  154. Project Jenny, Project Jan – “320″ 
    (posted in Because the Owl Has Been Spotted, June 15)
  155. LCD Soundsystem – “I Can Change” 
    (posted in Because James Murphy Keeps It Real, June 16)
  156. M. Ward – “Let My Love Open the Door” 
    (posted in Because It’s the Day for Dads, June 17)
  157. Tape Deck Bros. – “Science Fiction” 
    (posted in Because the Alien Franchise Continues, June 18)
  158. Future Bible Heroes – “Blond Adonis” 
    (posted in Because of Pretend Movie Boyfriends, June 19)
  159. Butthole Surfers – “Summer in the City” 
    (posted in Because It’s Getting Hot in Here, June 20)
  160. The Jam – “Art School” 
    (posted in Because We Have Artomatic…Shutup…No, You Shutup, June 21)
  161. Albert Hammond, Jr. – “In Transit” 
    (posted in Because Bean Town’s Calling, June 22)
  162. The Cinematics – “Race to the City” 
    (posted in Because, Boston, You’re a Peach, June 23)
  163. Robert Hazard – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” 
    (posted in Because Girls Will Be Girls, June 24)
  164. Stegosaurus – “Nowhere to Run” 
    (posted in Because Mr. Peanut Had an Evil Plan, June 25)
  165. Wye Oak – “Civilian” 
    (posted in Because Everyone Conquered a Weakness, June 26)
  166. Groove Armada – “I Won’t Kneel” (Treasure Fingers Remix)
    (posted in Because of the Curious Life of Nora Ephron, June 27)
  167. Simian Mobile Disco – “Sleep Deprivation” 
    (posted in Because This is What is Known as Kick-Me-in-the-Face-Tired, June 28)
  168. Young Empires – “Rain of Gold” 
    (posted in Because I Can Tell It’s Raining if I Go Outside, June 29)
  169. Capital Cities – “I Sold My Bed, but Not My Stereo” 
    (posted in Because Even Robots Have Hobbies, June 30)
  170. No Kids – “I Love the Weekend”
    (posted in Because It’s Summertime and the Living Was Easy, July 1)
  171. The Gorrilaz – “Bill Murray” 
    (posted in Because I Finally Figured Out What Superpower I’d Like to Have, July 2)
  172. Saskatchewan – “Fronting” 
    (posted in Because My Shoes Fell Apart, July 3)
  173. Jimi Hendrix – “Star Spangled Banner” 
    (posted in Because There Ain’t No Party Like a DC 4th, July 4)
  174. Royal Trux – “Money for Nothing” 
    (posted in Because Time Magazine Wrote About My City! …Sort of, July 5)
  175. Good Shoes – “Under Control” 
    (posted in Because of the Day We Just Barely Made It to Everywhere, July 6)
  176. Sarah Hotnights – “The Difference Between Love and Hell” 
    (posted in Because I Know I Said I Don’t Mind the Heat, But This is Ridiculous, July 7)
  177. The Babies – “Somebody Else”
    (posted in Because I Couldn’t Go to the Show, July 8)
  178. Surfer Blood – “Drinking Problem”
    (posted in Because There Are People Who Do This Kind of Thing for a Living, July 9)
  179. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Ffunny Friends” 
    (posted in Because the Jerk Store Called and They’re Running Out of Balloons, July 10)
  180. Kid Static v. Matt & Kim – “Good ol’ Fashioned Nightmare” 
    (posted in Because My Oxen Have Died of Dysentery, July 11)
  181. The Growlers – “Feeling Good”
    (posted in Because This Revolution Will Be Liked on Facebook, July 12)
  182. Elvis v. Junkie XL – “A Little Less Conversation” 
    (posted in Because I Know Some Girls Who Went to Graceland, Too, July 13)
  183. Love Battery – “Between the Eyes” 
    (posted in Because I Call People by Their Last Names for a Reason, July 14)
  184. Starfucker – Florida
    (posted in Because Who Else Am I Going to Wine, Dine, Talk Politics, and Watch Michael Madsen Movies With?, July 15)
  185. The Woozies – “We the People”
    (posted in Because the Best Things in Life Are Inspired By the Weirdos, July 16)
  186. Poster Children – “Junior Citizen”
    (posted in Because This Whole Courtroom’s Out of Order, July 17)
  187. Menswear – “Daydreamer”
    (posted in Because Alarm Bells Are Ringing, Willy, July 18)
  188. The Pattern – “Fragile Awareness”
    (posted in Because I Saw Girls Without Knowing I Saw It, July 19)
  189. Crookers – “What Up Y’all”
    (posted in Because it’s Friday Night, and the Mood is Right… For Nonsense, July 20)
  190. Ty Segall – “My Sunshine”
    (posted in Because We B BBQ’N, July 21)
  191. Hot Chip – “Ready for the Floor” (Soulwax Remix)
    (posted in Because We Rescued Ali and Went Clubbing at the Rock Show, July 22)
  192. Flipper – “Ha Ha Ha”
    (posted in Because a Laugh is a Terrible Thing to Waste, July 23)
  193. The Dismemberment Plan – “Girl O’Clock”
    (posted in Because Katherine Goldstein Married Into Indie Rock Royalty, July 24)
  194. Blind Pilot – “The Story I Heard”
    (posted in Because One of Mankind’s Greatest Inventions Is the Camera, July 25)
  195. Darwin Deez – “Up in the Clouds”
    (posted in Because You Can Go Ahead and Log That Into Interpol, July 26)
  196. Edgar Winter Group – “Free Ride”
    (posted in Because the Mountains are High, the Valley is Low, July 27)
  197. Desert Noises – “Highway Cars”
    (posted in Because We Know the Way to Santa Fe, July 28)
  198. Professor Murder – “Free Stress Test”
    (posted in Because of Things That Make Noise, July 29)
  199. Big in Japan – “Nothing Special”
    (posted in Because of Other Things That Make Noise, July 30)
  200. Death – “Where Do We Go From Here?”
    (posted in Because of Something the President Said, July 31)
  201. Gino Soccio – “Try it Out”
    (posted in Because of Great Adventures, August 1)
  202. Slow Loris – “People That You Meet” (posted in Because of Accidental Trivia, August 2)
  203. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Way Out”
    (posted in Because There Wasn’t an App for the Offbeaten Path, August 3)
  204. The Almighty Defenders – “Ghost With the Most”
    (posted in Because Sometimes, You Have to Manifest Your Destiny More Than Once, August 4)
  205. A Northern Chorus – “Red Carpet Blues”
    (posted in Because Playtime’s Over, August 5)
  206. Deadbeat – “Last Week”
    (posted in Because All I Saw on TV Last Week Was Women’s Gymnastics and Men’s Swimming, August 6)
  207. Foster the People – “Call It What You Want”
    (posted in Because I Like to Do My Drinking at Crystal City Sports Pub, August 7)
  208. L7 – “The Masses are Asses”
    (posted in Because of Lovable Losers, August 8)
  209. Herbert Kah – “Get Strange”
    (posted in Because Synchronized Bike Dancing Could Be the Next Olympic Event, August 9)
  210. Baxter Dury – “Hotel in Brixton”
    (posted in Because of Moments of Zen, August 10)
  211. The Skids – “Out of Town”
    (posted in Because We Had Dinner in the People’s Republic of Chinese Food, August 11)
  212. The Budos Band – “Chicago Falcon”
    (posted in Because My Status Went From In a Relationship to Its Complicated, August 12)
  213. SOKO – “First Love Never Die”
    (posted in Because Some Fairytales Should End “…And they lived normally ever after”, August 13)
  214. Jack Lee “Crime Doesn’t Pay”
    (posted in Because I Was Lucky Number Seven, August 14)
  215. Killing Joke – “Blood on Your Hands”
    (posted in Because America is Getting to Be Effing Crazy, August 15)
  216. The Damned – “Love Song”
    (posted in Because Sparky’s is Gonna Be On the Tee Vee!, August 16)
  217. The Fantasies – “So Dumb”
    (posted in Because a Junkie Burned Down a 3,000 Year Old Landmark, August 17)
  218. Man Parrish – “Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don’t Stop)”
    (posted in Because Someone Tickled My Brain, August 18)
  219. Yello – “Jungle Bill”
    (posted in Because of a Boy and His Tiger, August 19)
  220. Bertycox – “The Signal”
    (posted in Because of Those Bound for Immortality, August 20)
  221. The Gun Club – “Mother of Earth”
    (posted in Because the High Cost of Living Gets in My Way, August 21)
  222. Pomegranates – “50′s”
    (posted in Because Today, I Discovered a Secret Museum, August 22)
  223. Groovie Ghoulies – “Outbreak”
    (posted in Because James Nguyen Put a Bird On It… Twice, August 23)
  224. Psy – “Gangnam Style”
    (posted in Because Keeping Up With Things is Exhausting, August 24)
  225. The Rapture – “Sail Away” (Cut Copy Remix)
    (posted in Because of Better Kept Secrets, August 25)

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